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Students!! Be a part of @talknutrition4students! Follow. Meet the team.
Share an image showing where you read Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide.
Share your favorite quotes from the book. Ask questions.
Learn tips for student success. Learn from expert nutrition communicators.  

To share your images, ideas, quotes, or questions, send us a DM on Instagram, or send via email to  

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Watch interviews with nutrition communicators

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See where we read -
take a picture with YOUR book and we will share!

Kat Durston post

Let's Talk all things nutrition communication!

Success Tip Week 1

Get student success tips

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Check out our

Meet the 23-24 Team:
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Meet the 22-23 Team:

Meet The Team Post 2022
Julian intro post
Maleah's First Week Posts
Ilana intro post
Erin's Weekly post
Kellys first week of posts
Lucy's First week posts
Saige intro post
Pengjun Zhang Post

Meet the 21-22 Team:

Meet the Team 2021
21 - Hannah
21 - Allie
21 - Yitong
21 - Angel
21 - Emily

Meet the 20-21 Inaugural Team:

Meet The Team Post 2020
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