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Welcome Educators of Nutrition Communication!

Educators are eligible to receive a free copy of the book upon adoption for a course. Please allow 3 weeks for processing and delivery.

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Testimonials from other educators...

Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide comprehensively and succinctly lays out the essential skills needed by dietitians to successfully communicate with their audiences. The chapters provide vivid real-life examples and are easy, engaging, and entertaining to read.  What I love most is that the book is written by dietitians for dietitians.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching with the pilot and would recommend it as a must read.  Regardless of whether you're a dietetics student or a seasoned dietitian, it will serve as a useful learning resource and/or valuable refresher as you seek to become a more effective nutrition communicator.”  

Marie Allsopp, DrPH, RD, LD, CHES, Clinical Assistant Professor, 
Department of Nutrition Science, Purdue University


(Pilot tested text fall and spring semesters 2019-2020 before using published book with undergraduate students.)

Allsopp, Marie

Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide is a wealth of information for the student, intern, entry level professional and seasoned professional. I appreciate this text because it has everything one needs to learn tried-and-true nutrition communication techniques to make communication memorable. Educators will find this versatile text useful in any number of nutrition courses. It is my go-to guide to better communication!"

Susan E. Adams, MS, RD, LDN, FAND

Past President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Adjunct Professor, Department of Urban Public Health and Nutrition
La Salle University School of Nursing and Health Science


(Pilot tested text spring 2019 and 2020 with undergraduates; adopted book in 2022 for new graduate course.)

“Reading Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide is a delight, and thank you for creating the supplemental Instructor Resource Kit! Your ideas guided our sequencing of assignments, which were easy to modify, and the grading rubrics were extremely helpful. The interns completed the assignment of making a 5-minute community nutrition video project via their phones, and of course, the biggest learner of this activity was me! We plan to formally adopt the text and incorporate it in our graduate nutrition communication course.”

Sara A Blackburn, RDN, DSc, DD, LD
       Director Dietetic Internship, Department of Nutrition & Dietetics
                                                   Indiana University Purdue University IUPUI

Sara Blackburn
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