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Effective nutrition communication is not an accident

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

A road map

Effective nutrition communication is not an accident, but is strategically designed.

It is the result of making a plan, working the plan, and evaluating the entire process and outcomes.

“Lucky breaks” do happen, most often when hard work and preparation meet opportunity. Nutrition communicators who appear successful simply “throwing something together” at the last minute, have likely been in the trenches for the long haul, learning from mistakes and honing their craft.

Well-designed nutrition communication follows an evidence-based strategy and focuses on three key elements: the audience, the message, and the channel. Each one of these elements impacts the other two and all three must be considered simultaneously throughout the entire communication process.

The design and delivery of effective nutrition communication employs an organized and systematic approach. To get a copy of the “10 Steps to Creating Compelling Communication” go to:

Chapter 3 of Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide explores the focus, strategy, key players, and successful outcomes of nutrition communication design. In addition to describing the entire 10 step process, acceptable short-cuts are outlined. Take a look at the 10 steps, share in the comments the short-cuts you have used that still result in effective communication.

Next week’s blog will answer the question: What defines successful communication? How would you answer?

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