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Can we Zoom better?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

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“Zooming” is already in the dictionary, as in “to move very quickly,” but it may soon have an additional definition: “To meet virtually over a video-conferencing platform.” After all, we made “google” a verb in 2006.

In the past week I have attended 4 webinars, a Zoom Sunday School class, a Zoom Master Mind meeting, a Zoom Kindergarten graduation, a Zoom Toastmasters meeting, and a Zoom meeting with a future client. Next week I have more Zoom meetings scheduled: to meet one-on-one with colleagues, for a non-profit board meeting, and a gathering with friends as an alternative to meeting at a restaurant. How about you? How are you Zooming?

Virtual meetings have become the norm during this time of mandated social distancing and they are likely to remain a mainstay in how we do business even when we are able to return to meeting in-person. Virtual meetings have many benefits but they also pose many challenges. Search online and find advice for Virtual Meeting Etiquette, overcoming Zoom Fatigue, and strategies for video conferencing with young children underfoot.

As we navigate this approach to communicating, it’s time to raise the bar from accepting mediocrity to establishing best practices for effective virtual meetings. This tip series is a starting point. Access a downloadable copy here: https://www.nutritioncommunicator.com/tip-sheets

5 tips to more effective and successful virtual meetings:

Tip #1 Define your purpose A virtual meeting, otherwise known as video conferencing, allows participants to gather for business, learning, or social networking from remote locations regardless of weather, travel limitations, or to prevent the spread of illness. As with any meeting, in-person or virtual, convene for a reason and clearly communicate the purpose to the participants ahead of time.

Tip #2 Select appropriate platform Numerous platforms are available for online virtual meetings, such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx, Digitell, Skype, Adobe Connect or Google Meet. Select the one that best fits your organization’s technical needs and capabilities, budget, security concerns, and ease-of-use for participants. Make sure everyone has access and equipment to join and fully participate.

Tip #3 Provide instruction Until all participants have maneuvered the meeting platform successfully, be sure to provide clear instructions. This includes how to join the meeting, navigate the platform, how to contribute to the conversation, and use functions such as mute, screen share, chat, Q&A, and more. A prior practice run for those new to virtual meetings is a welcome gesture for all.

Tip #4 Designate a host Meetings are more successful when someone fills the role of moderator or host. This individual sends out the meeting invitation. They welcome participants upon “arrival” and make sure the meeting runs smoothly. They direct the entire meeting including introductions, going over the purpose and agenda, leading discussions, keeping track of time, and summarizing outcomes.

Tip #5 Solicit full engagement Meetings are most successful when all participants contribute and engage fully in discussions and decisions. Organize the meeting to allow for adequate opportunities for engagement. Prepare participants ahead of time so they have the information needed for discussions, and structure the agenda and utilize the technology to allow everyone to have a voice.

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“Whoever invented the meeting must have had Hollywood in mind. I think they should consider giving Oscars for meetings: Best Meeting of the Year, Best Supporting Meeting, Best Meeting Based on Material from Another Meeting.” ~ William Goldman

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