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Why stay in Toastmasters? To continue growing your skills and encouraging others.

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Why am I still in Toastmasters, more than two decades after joining?

Because I continue to learn and hone my public speaking and leadership skills.

Even more than that, I enjoy helping newer members grow and thrive on their Toastmasters journeys.

Why Toastmasters is for me…

Allow me to share the stories of three of our members in answer to the question of why they joined and stayed in Toastmasters:

Cheryl's Toastmaster story

Daniel's Toastmasters story

Barb's Toastmasters story

Each of us joined for various reasons, but we stayed because we weren’t finished growing as communicators and leaders.

Toastmasters provides a wonderful place to try out new speech ideas, practice audience participation activities, experiment with visual aids, and so much more. If you’ve seen or heard me give a presentation for a professional conference or webinar, it is likely my Toastmasters club heard at least parts of it first.

Growth is an ongoing process.

The stories above are not unusual. Talk to any seasoned member of Toastmasters and you will hear stories of continued growth as a communicator and leader.

No other place provides a more supportive or more economical approach to learning and practicing communication and leadership skills.

Each club meeting is an opportunity to grow whether through our meeting role, our speaking, or our observation, listening, and evaluation of others.

To stop growing is to become stagnant.

How would you like to grow as a communicator or leader?

Whatever you answered, Toastmasters can help.

Get more information about Toastmasters or learn about our club, the Tippecanoe Talkers. Take the next step… visit a club

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment.” ~ Dr. Ralph C. Smedley, Founder of Toastmasters International

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