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Improvement starts with assessment

Taking a personal performance assessment

What is the first step in building a skill, making a change, or achieving any type of self-improvement?

Assessment - An honest and accurate examination of where you are now. Only once you know your starting point can you determine the steps needed to reach your goals.

Last week’s blog post introduced a new tool for jumpstarting your journey to communication excellence. This post will take a deeper dive into the first step, which is “Assess your starting point.”

To assist you in completing the assessment found in the tool, this post will elaborate on each category of knowledge and skill to provide a description of how that skill can be exhibited. In the table provided, evaluate your current level of knowledge and skill in each area and rate it using this scale of 1 to 5:

1. Absent or very limited Little or no experience, have not studied or been taught about Similar to “pre-contemplation” in the Transtheoretical Model

2. Interested but hesitant Some degree of interest, concerned about ability to learn or practice Similar to “contemplation” in the Transtheoretical Model

3. Emergent and seeking practice Starting to learn about this area, seeking more information and opportunities Similar to “preparation” in the Transtheoretical Model

4. Growing with frequent practice Learning, practicing and improving, desiring to achieve more Similar to “action” in the Transtheoretical Model

5. Proficient or Expert

Considered an area of expertise, able to teach others

Similar to “maintenance” in the Transtheoretical Model

Where am I skilled and where do I have room to grow?

In next week’s blog we will complete steps B and C. You can grow as a nutrition communicator. Take the first step today.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” ~ Peter Drucker

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