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New Beginnings

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Freshly fallen snow on a road through the woods

Fresh snow transforms a winter landscape. It covers the mud and muck and blankets the world with a clean and pristine newness. It makes empty tree branches sparkle and no longer look dead and lifeless. It represents the promise of new beginnings.

This New Year, 2021 – long anticipated and longed for – seemed full of hope and promise. As the events of this week unfolded it became painfully obvious that we are not done with many of the challenges of 2020 – with political divisions and a pandemic at the top of the list. Should we despair? No.

Welcome new beginnings

We need to welcome not only each New Year, but each new season, each new month, each new week, and even each new day as an opportunity to begin again. Isn’t it wonderful that nature provides this rhythm of renewal with each new dawn?

Consider all the ways we communicate this desire to start fresh: new beginnings, resolutions, fresh start, clean slate, new chapter, square one, word go, clean sweep, turn over a new leaf, start out on the right foot, and many more. We love the idea of making things right, of second (or third) chances, of new opportunities.

Choose to use new beginnings

Let’s face it… life is hard, we make mistakes, accidents happen, people disappoint us, disaster strikes… but, we get to choose how we respond. How will we take advantage of this New Year ahead to make a difference, fulfill our purpose, and overcome the challenges that could drag us down? What action steps can we take to move forward?

How can we take responsibility for what we can control? How can we rid our lives of all that is weighing us down and getting in the way of growing? Are there negative thought patterns, old grudges, or bad habits that need to be let go? Can we replace them with a positive mindset, forgiveness and compassion, and life-enhancing habits?

Growth is possible and the start of a New Year is the most popular time for setting goals. I have created a free tip sheet and worksheet that could be a useful tool in this process. Go to: Download Tip Sheet #18: “5 Questions to Inspire Your Audience to Action” and the Worksheet: “Action Plan for Change.”

Commit to becoming a more effective communicator

Is becoming a more effective communicator part of your growth plan? If you’re looking for tools to improve your communication knowledge and skills, download a free copy of “Your Journey to Communication Excellence.”

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap because the failure rate is so high. Resolve this year to thoughtfully determine the action steps that will help you achieve meaningful and sustainable goals. If for any reason your progress is thwarted, don’t give up, every day is a new opportunity to begin again. Take action today.

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” ~ T. S. Eliot

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