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No One-Size-Fits-All When Communicating with Others, Interview with Beryl Krinsky of B.Komplete

Beryl Krinsky and colleague providing a cooking demo

Beryl Krinsky owns a wellness company, B.Komplete, and the Komplete Business Dietetic Internship. Her company focuses on educating and encouraging corporations to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives in and out of the workplace. Their wellness programs focus on nutrition, food, stress reduction, physical activity, and holistic health and wellness.

In our interview, Beryl discusses how she communicates about food, nutrition, and health with her team, clients, and potential clients. Beryl knows that not everyone communicates the same, and not everyone takes in information the same. Her programs and communication are very personalized to the person and/or population she is working with.

How do you communicate the most with your clients?

There are so many ways to communicate effectively, and the number one thing to always be aware of is to pay attention to your listener. Because each of us can listen, learn, and absorb in many different ways.

For example, some people are very visual, some are more audio, and some of us all the above. We try to communicate in a way that will work for the listener and in multiple functionalities to make sure it is very accessible and easy to understand for everyone.

How does your audience best receive information about food, nutrition, and health?

It is also dependent on the listener and group. For example, if a group can do an hour workshop, we can do a cooking demonstration. In the cooking demonstration, we can teach about ingredients and recipes, and it's very interactive, and everyone gets to try the foods were making, so that's fun.

However, not every group has an hour to do that, so we have other options, such as a tasting table. Employees will taste the recipes we are preparing that day, learn about label reading and ingredients, and learn how to make sweet or savory snacks. This is more convenient for groups who don't have an hour to devote to a class.

The moral of the story is that you want to make sure that your listeners and the groups are ready for the information you are providing and provide the information in a way that is easy to digest.

What do you do when a client's values and beliefs about health do not align with yours?

At B.Komplete, we have different philosophies and beliefs, and we also recognize and celebrate that everyone has their own beliefs, which is entirely ok. The majority of the registered dietitians at B.Komplete believe in intuitive eating and Health at Every Size, but not every group is ready for that or agrees with it.

So, if a group says we want to do a weight loss challenge, we will not say no we will say yes. We are going to provide holistic nutrition education. We will help them if they want to lose weight, but we will also teach them about balancing a plate and mindful eating, not judging them, and allowing them to make the right decision.

How has food and nutrition changed your life, and how do you professionally communicate this with your audience?

Since I was a little kid, I have loved food, and I was a foodie. Nutrition has always been a part of my life and making a career out of everything that I love and have so much passion for is rewarding.

Like everyone else, I have stress, and some days, I think about how I will get all of my work done. Still, I love teaching and inspiring groups about leading a healthy lifestyle because it makes them happier, more successful, and closer to the people they care about.

With the internship, there is nothing better than seeing our interns graduate and start the business they have been dreaming about. I would do this over and over again.

What different forms of communication do you hope to try in the future?

At B.Komplete, we are pretty good with social media, but we haven’t dipped our toes into TikTok yet, and I think that is a perfect communication vehicle for younger consumers. I even heard people getting recipes on TikTok, and I am not sure those are registered dietitian recipes, so we need to get on there.

I love being on podcasts and doing interviews on podcasts. I don’t see that as something we will do in the next year, but I see a podcast being an opportunity for us in the future.

We communicate with our clients in various avenues through other social media outlets, emails, and newsletters. The newsletters are used for both corporate clients and also B.Komplete team members. This is a great way to communicate with my clients and team to receive information in different ways and not only in an email.

Thank you to Beryl for discussing how she communicates with her team and clients and sharing helpful tips on approaching different people and scenarios when speaking about food, nutrition, and health. You can learn more about Beryl and all of the wonderful things her team does to help employees on the community page and on LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter @bkomplete, and her website

This guest blog was written by Samantha Maldonado while serving as an intern with Komplete Business Dietetic Internship.

Samantha Maldonado, intern at B Komplete
Samantha Maldonado, intern at Komplete Business Dietetic Internship

Samantha Maldonado graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a bachelor's in Nutrition & Food Science. She recently completed her internship with the Komplete Business Dietetic Internship. During the internship, her business preceptor offered her a job at All Access Dietetics, and she is now their operations manager. After passing the registered dietitian exam, she plans to continue working there and start building her business.

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