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Never say never… you might have to eat your words

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Winston Churchill and eat my words quote

Just 2 years ago I was finishing work on an introductory textbook titled Nutrition for Everyone (Resources). At the time, writing… and rewriting… and rewriting again, I said I would NEVER write another textbook. Well, guess what? I’m writing another textbook!

Now don’t get me wrong… writing Nutrition for Everyone was rewarding, especially holding the published 675 page text in my hands and realizing I had written it. Sort of like birthing a baby – immensely rewarding, but exhausting – in fact, it took much, much longer than 9 months to complete! I learned SO much writing that book – not only was it a tremendous review of nutrition basics, I learned so much about the book writing process. But, it was one of the hardest projects I had ever completed. Not something I thought I would tackle again. Ever.

Then, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics contacted me… It was a case of one thing leading to another. Life is full of those stories, isn’t it? One of their authors, Roberta Duyff (author of The Complete Food and Nutrition Guide), had served as a reviewer for Nutrition for Everyone, and had suggested my name for a new Academy book project – a textbook about nutrition communication. Oh my! This invitation came just months after finishing the last textbook when I had said, “NEVER again!” Could I do it? Should I do it?

Taking time to think about what this project entailed, I realized that the long, arduous process of writing Nutrition for Everyone had prepared me for this new project – and this time, the specific subject matter was my passion. Teaching Nutrition Communication at Purdue had made me acutely aware that our field is sorely lacking a comprehensive guide to nutrition communication. This book could be a way to make a long-lasting positive impact on our profession. It was looking like I would have to “eat my words.”

At the same time as the book writing invitation, I was making plans for this new venture, Nutrition Communicator, LLC. I had to admit it would be a perfect match: writing a book about nutrition communication at the same time I am developing online continuing education, speaking, and coaching in nutrition communication here at

Future blog posts will feature “draft” excerpts from the book throughout the writing process. You will get a sneak peek and be able to provide feedback and suggestions. As nutrition communicators, you are in the perfect position to help guide the development of this exciting new book. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post in which I will share ideas from the chapter titled “Effective Nutrition Communication is Strategically Designed.”

Have you ever had to “eat your words”? How did it turn out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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