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10 Steps to Creating Compelling Communication

Updated: Feb 6

Ten Steps to creating compelling communication in intertwined three circles

Would you agree that effective communication is well planned and executed? Have you ever tried to “wing it” and regretted not putting more time into careful preparation? Most of us have at least one disaster story.

Learn from those mistakes and prevent future disasters with a proven plan – download a free copy of my updated eBook: “10 Steps to Creating Compelling Communication.” Get your copy:

The diagram illustrates the three focus areas – audience, message, and channel – and outlines the 10 steps:

Step 1: Identify the audience

Step 2: Conduct needs assessment

Step 3: Identify your purpose and message

Step 4: Research your message

Step 5: Write and organize your message

Step 6: Identify communication channel(s)

Step 7: Plan effective communication strategies

Step 8: Practice! Pilot test! Revise! Practice! Pilot test! Revise again!

Step 9: Present, produce, or publish!!

Step 10: Evaluate

The eBook walks you through each step and provides a worksheet for you to follow to complete your next communication project.

If you want an abbreviated version of the 10 steps, download the free tip sheet for 5 smart shortcuts. The tip sheets are available here: The shortcut tip sheet is #1.

For your next communication project: Don’t wing it, nail it!

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

~ Leonard Bernstein

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