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Take your journey with purpose and a plan

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

items used when taking a journey including a map and compass

Have you ever felt like your journey as a nutrition professional meandered aimlessly rather than purposefully? Would you like to take control of your destiny?

This blog is the third in a series to help you achieve communication excellence. Begin your journey with What do experts need most? and Improvement starts with assessment. Be sure to download the "Journey to Communication Excellence.”

How can I effectively reach my goals (my destination)?

Reaching a destination requires taking steps and utilizing proven tools to get there. The first step, which is Assess your starting point, described in last week’s blog and also found in the journey document, is a self-assessment of where you are now as a nutrition communicator.

Take it now. What did you learn about your nutrition communication strengths and weaknesses?

Next, Begin with your goal in mind. Determine the destination of your journey to communication excellence by answering this question: Where and how do I want to improve this season?

To accomplish this step requires looking at your assessment and prioritizing up to three areas in which you have the greatest interest or need to improve your nutrition communication knowledge or skill.

Define for each area what your destination is by describing what excellence in that area looks like for you. The journey document has a page for you to fill these in.

Prioritize which goal to achieve first

Once you have determined three potential areas for growth and improvement, decide which one to tackle first. This might be the one that will help you most with an upcoming event or project, it might be the one that excites you the most to work on, or it might be the one that you need to prioritize most to excel in your work.

With your destination in your sights, it is time to Chart Your Course. This step will map out the steps to take you from point A, where you are now as a nutrition communicator, to point B, where you want to be.

Chart your course

Fill in the spaces provided in the journey document to chart your course...

Begin with building your knowledge. Use the table of contents provided to determine which chapter or chapters in Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide to study or review.

Then map out additional steps, with deadlines, to put that knowledge into practice to reach your destination.

Here’s how I charted my course to build social media skills and create a student-focused account and content:

A journey requires a destination unless your goal is to wander aimlessly. You can grow and improve as a nutrition communicator. Begin today.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao-Tzu

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