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4 lessons from a year of blogging

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

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This is my 52nd blog post since launching last July. Yay! I met my goal of creating and posting a weekly blog. It’s time to celebrate!

This is also a good time to reflect on lessons learned and look ahead to new goals.

What have I learned from a year of blogging?

1. Consistency is Key

Making a commitment to write a weekly blog and post each Friday definitely kept me on track. My goal was challenging enough to stretch me but realistic enough to meet. It was specific and measurable. It met the criteria for a SMART goal. Having a set day to post each week prompted me to schedule time to write, review, and revise earlier in the week so I wasn’t tempted to procrastinate. I hope the consistent pattern also encouraged readers to anticipate upcoming blogs and check in on Fridays or over the weekend. For blogging to build trust and connection, consistency is key.

2. It Gets Easier

The thought of writing a new blog post each week was intimidating at first. Where would I get fresh ideas? How do I write enough content about a topic, but not too much? Would anyone read them? Like so many things in life, blogging gets easier the more you do it. There are many approaches to blogging, so I haven’t felt compelled to stick with one structure or template, except for always ending with a quote.

3. There’s Plenty to Write About

Even with a core focus on topics related to communication and connecting with others about food and nutrition, I no longer fear running out of ideas. Life is all about communication, connection, and food. And blogging is about life. Blogging is fun and creative. I enjoy reading blogs, which provides inspiration for writing them. I have enjoyed using blogging as a means to share ideas from the upcoming Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Guide to Nutrition Communication, of which I am serving as editor-in-chief.

I specifically asked for my writing contract to permit blogging from and about the book. It helps me flesh out ideas and hopefully builds interest in the book.

4. Readers like Reading about People

My most widely read and shared blog posts have featured personal stories. My single most read post to date was from May 2018 after receiving the Purdue Nutrition Science Hall of Fame Award. This post was liked by more than 1,200 people via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, whereas most of my posts are liked by about 300 people. Other favorite posts feature stories from my life. We become more real to each other when we share our lives.

What’s a goal you want to achieve but hesitate to begin?

Make today - day #1, or this week – week #1. Keep at it so you can celebrate day 365 or week 52 – because consistency is key – but, I promise, it gets easier.

As I enter Year Two of blogging – what would you like me to write about? What blogs have you found most interesting or useful?

“You can make anything by writing.”

~ C. S. Lewis

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